My Equipment, Telescope and Camera

I have been using Takahashi Telescopes for many years since I start to take an image of Universe. Takahashi is one of the best telescope I can buy. Overhere in Japan, many people use their products.

Takahashi TOA130S and NJP Temma2 mount


This image shows my Takahashi TOA130 mounted on NJP mount.

I purchased the TOA130s in the spring of 2006. The TOA130s provides a great image and round stars. I believe that it is one of the best Refractor in the world. This telescope has a lot of options for taking a astrophotography. I have been using TOA35 Reducer or Flattner when I take a picture. My TOA130s is mounted on Takahashi NJP GOTO mount. Overhere in Japan, it is very popular for the use of both observation and photography.

The Andromeda Galaxy is one of my favorite pictures that I took with this telescope.

Takahashi Epsilon180ED and Takahashi NJPmount


I purchased new Epsilon last year for wide field astrophotography. Takahashi replaced Epsilon160 with this telescope, Epsilon180ED. I think it is suitable for taking a picture of comet. I used this telescope for taking an image of Holmes comet this year.

Ganma Cygni Nebula is my favorite picture that I took with this telescope.

Takahashi Mewlon300 and Pentax MS-5 mount


Mewlon series is a Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain telescopes. It use an ellipsoidal on the primary and a sopherical on the secondary. This telescope has electric foucsing system accomplished by moving the secondary mirror. My Mewlon300 is mounted on Pentax MS5 German equatorial mount.

Pentax MS-5 mount is larger mount than Takahashi NJP mount. It is able to mount up to 40kg.

NGC7331 is my favorite Astrophotography that I took with this telescope.

Takahashi BRC250


This optical tube, BRC250, is made of a carbon fiber material. The use of carbon fiber for a tube is able to hold focus over a wide range temperature variation. I have been using this telescope for film astrography and CCD imaging.

VDB142 is one of my favorite images that I took with this telescope.

Takahashi MT-200 Reflecter and Pentax MS5 mount

MT200,Pentax MS5

I have been using a 200mm classical Newtonian for planetary observation and CCD imaging. This optical tube is a Takahashi MT-200 and has a focal length of 1200 mm with a f-ratio of 6. I use the Philips ToUcamPro CCD Web camera for planetary imaging. I also take a CCD image using this system and SBIG ST-2000XM CCD camera. I have been happy with the results with this telescope.

This mount is a Pentax MS-5 mount. This mount features a German equatorial mount which can heft up to 40kg(90 pounds) of the astronomical equipments.

M101 is my favorite image that I took with this telescope.

Takahashi Epsilon160 and Takahashi EM200 Temma2mount


I had been using a Takahashi Epsilon160 astrograph for wide field CCD imaging with SBIG ST2000XM camera. Most of CCD images on this site were taken using this astrograph. This optical tube has a focal length of 530mm with a f-ratio 3.3.

This mount of the picture is a Takahashi EM200Tenma2 GOTOmount. It have a good peformance.

Here is my favorite CCD image, Cone Nebula, that I took with this telescope.

VixenED103S and Vixen SXD mount

VixenED103, VixenSXD

I perchased Vixen ED103S and SXD GOTO mount this year. I haven't been using this equipment very well due to bad weather.

Here is a link, NGC6960, that I took with this equipment.