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Takahashi Epsilon180ED

Takahashi Epsilon180ED and NJP mount

Takahashi Epislon180ED is the newest telescope in Takahashi's Epsilon series telescope. This telescope is super-fast 7" Astrograph and has a newly designed ED corrector. I bought this epsilon180ED in 2007 for taking wide field images of celestial objects.

Popular telescope for astrophotography in Japan

In Japan, a lot of people like to take a photo in the nightsky use the Epsilon180ED very much. One of the reason is Epsilon180 has fast focal ration of f/2.8. You can easily take an image with Digtal SLR camera in short exposure time. Shorter exposure times reduce tracking error of your mount.

The Takahashi Epsilon-180ED has flat field supports 35mm format. It is good at full-size CCD camera like Nikon D700. Actually, I don't have any issues to take image with my STL11000M camera. Picture below is flat frame image which I was taken with an STL11000M camera and my Epsilon 180ED.

flat Frame on my Epsilon180ED

My favorite picture taken with this scope is Comet Holmes.

Specifications for the Takahashi E-180

Product Name Takahashi EPSILON-180ED F/2.8
Effective aperture 180mm diameter
Forcal length 500mm
forcal ration 1:2.8
Image circle 44mm diameter
Diameter of Main tube 232mm
Length 570mm
Weight 10kgs