The ST2000XM camera arrived on a clear day in January, 2005. I had been using a digital SLR camera, NikonD100, for taking pictures for a long time. It was acceptable, it was not up to the same quality that taken with cool CCD camera. So, I decided to buy this camera and orderd the camera in 2004.

Finally I ordered an ST-2000XM on the internet. The time between the order and the order delivery was three month. Waiting time was the most painful part of the process for me. The long wait was finally over. I've got this camera. The camera arrived in a black pelican case. The camera was well packaged and protected for its long shipment from USA.

First Shot

I decided to take first shot with the camera and my Epsilon160. So I rushed out house and drove to the coutry side which has a dark sky. I use the cone nebula as a target. My Epsilon160 easily gave me accurate focus position. Here's a link to Cone Nebula.

Dark Noise

A dark noise of this camera is relatively small. Picture below is dark file was takenw at -25degree and 10 minutes.

dark noise


two megapixel KAI-2020M imaging CCD
Built-in TC-237 CCD autoguider with 10X the sensitivity of an ST-4
High speed USB interface (up to 421,000 pixels per second)
Rugged camera body with imaging and autoguiding CCDs and new analog and digital electronics