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Supernova remnant Simeis 147

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Simeis147, Sh2-240

Simeis147 is a faint supernova remnant. It is located in the constellation Taurus. it covers nearly 3 degrees on the night sky corresponding to a width of 160 light years at the stellar debris cloud's estimated distance of 3,000 light years. It is one of the faintest objects in the night sky. It was discovered in 1952.

This picture was taken with my Epsilon180ED and STL camera using Hydrogen filter in my backyard. I had to need a lot of images to process this picture. Because this nebula is very very faint.

Imaging information

Optics: Takahashi Epsilon180

Mount: Takahashi NJP Mount

Camera: SBIG STL-11000M, Astronomik Halpha filters

Exposure: Halipha=640minutes(20minx32frames)

Software: Stellaimage5, PhotoshopCS

Location: My backyard in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, 2007