Leo Triplet Galaxies

M65 M66 NGC3628

The Leo Triplet is a small group of galaxy consisting of M65, M66 and NGC3628. It is located in the constellation Leo and is about 35 million ligtyears away. This group is well known for their shapes. It is popular among people who like to take astrophotographs. I took this picture by Takahashi Epsilon 250 which is a huge telescope for astrophotography.

Imaging information

Optics: Takahashi EP250 Telescope, Hercules Mount

Camera: SBIG STL-11000M, Astronomik LRGB filter and Halpha filter

Exposure: Luminance=100minutes, R=20min, G=20min, B=20min

Software: StellaImage6, PhotoshopCS4

Location: Hattouji Park, Okayama Prefecture