Jerry Fish Nebula

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Jerry Fish Nebula, IC443, Supernova Remnant in Gemini

IC443, a supernova remnant in Gemini, is called "Jerry Fish Nebula" because of its shape. It produced by a supernova explosion occured about 30,000 year ago. You can see a bright star near the IC443. It's ETA Geminorum, a red giant variable star that range between magnitudes 3.1 and 3.9.

Imaging information

Optics: Takahashi TOA130 Telescope, NJP Mount

Camera: SBIG STL-11000M, Astronomik LRGB filter and Halpha filter

Exposure: Luminance=160minutes, R=20min, G=20min, B=20min, Halpha=40min

Software: StellaImage6, PhotoshopCS4

Location: Hattouji Park, Okayama Prefecture, 2008