Antennae Galaxies

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Antennae Galaxies NGC4038

This galaxy is a remarkable pair of interacting galaxies, NGC4038 and NGC4039. A major accident is happening, 65milion light away, as the galaxies NGC4038 and NGC4039 collide with each other. The galaxies are too faint to see with small telescopes, but photographs reveal their structure. Stretching away from them on eigther side are two antenna-like arcs, consisting of plumes of gas and millions of stars that have been flung into intergalactic space as a result of this collision.

This picture was taken with my Takahashi Epsilon250 and ST2000 camera in Japan.

Imaging information

Optics: Takahashi Epsilon250

Mount: Pentax MS-5 Mount

Camera: SBIG ST2000XM, Astronomik LRGB filters

Exposure: Luminance=80minutes(10minx8frames), R=G=B=20minutes(10minx2frames)

Software: Stellaimage6, PhotoshopCS

Location: Okayama Prefecture, Japan, 2008