Sombrero Galaxy

Sombrero Galaxy M104

The Sombrero Galaxy is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo. It is also known as M104 or NGC4594. The galaxy has a bright nucleus, a large central bulge and a dust lane. It can be easy to see with small telescope. But if you want to look at dust lane, you would need a large telescope.

This picture was taken with my Mewlon300 and ST2000 camera in Japan.

Imaging information

Optics: Takahashi Mewlon300

Mount: Pentax MS-5 Mount

Camera: SBIG ST2000XM, Astronomik LRGB filters

Exposure: Luminance=160minutes(10minx16frames), R=G=B=20minutes(10minx2frames)

Software: Stellaimage5, PhotoshopCS

Location: Okayama Prefecture, Japan, 2007-2008