Andromeda Galaxy, M31

M31, Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy

Takayuki Yoshida

Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy is the largest galaxy of our Local group, which consists of the Milky Way, Triangulum Galaxy, Andromeda and other small galaxies. The Adromeda galaxy also known as Messier31. It is a spiral glaxy approximately 2.3milion light years away from our earth. It is easily to visible to the naked eye at night. When you look through a telescope, you can see the central part of Andromeda Galaxy. But you can't see full of Andromeda because the side of Andromeda is much darder than centeral region. Veil Nebula is supernova remnant in the constellation Cygunus. The picture above is the western part of Veil nebula, NGC6960. I took this picture with my Takahashi Epsilon250 and SBIG STL11000M camera.

Imaging information

Optics: Takahashi Epsilon250, Herclus Mount

Camera: SBIG STL-11000M, Astronomik LRGB filter

Exposure: Luminance=120minutes, R=20min, G=20min, B=20min

Software: StellaImage6, PhotoshopCS

Location: Hattouji Park, Okayama Prefecture, 2008